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About Products

Aegean Spirit Trading Co. makes careful scientific research to choose best manufacturers and producers.

Our Criteria are;

  1. Find Best and accredited Gardens for Each Fruit in her special  territory

Such as supplying Fig’s from Aydın (Afrodisass), Muğla (Caria- which names of Fig comes from this city-Ficus Caria, Aegean Territory). Olive from Aegean and Marmara Territory. Antep Pistachio (Pistacia Vera) from Gaziantep city

  1. Find World’s Best and biggest Manufacturers and Processors
  2. Choose Scientifically accredited “Organic”, “Natural” and “Unique” types of products

Aegean Spirit Trading Co. products come from best qualified manufacturers which chosen according to above main criteria’s. Our all manufacturers and producers (even Gardens) have IS:22000 Food Quality Management Certificate. Some of our suppliers already have Turquality Certificate (The best and Top Quality Certificate which is given by Turkish Government) and we are making Regular Supply Chain agreements with them