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About Quality

We are Aegean People, we are from Aegean Territory and we are trying to bring/transfer Aegean Spirit to Our World Friends.

What is Aegean Spirit? Aegean Spirit which means “Aegean Life Philosophy” include “Food Culture” comes from Ancient Philosophers and ancient Medicians/Physicians. Such as Thales which Bertrand Russel says about him that “Philosophy starts with Thales”.

Thales born in Milas (Caria) /Muğla–Türkiye which Aegean Spirit Company Head Office/Guest Villa in Milas City / Turkey. Every day we are living Thales Spirit together. Thales says that “Water is arkhe” means “Everything comes from water and water is everything”.

Another important Ancient Aegean Phsician-Philosopher / The Father of Medical Doctors Hippocrates says “Panem Tuum et Medicine, Medicina Sit Tuos” in English “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”.

We are Aegean Spirit team and follower of them. Our criteria to choose Foods & Fruits for sharing purpose by exporting to abroad is very high since we believe “Our foods be our thy medicine and our medicine be thy foods”.

Our Manufacturers (garden owners-farmers) accredited by World Quality Management systems. And for each country we have special Accreditation such as for “Cherry” Export to China. We are supplying our Cherry special suppliers which accredited by AQSIQ (General Administration of Quality Supervision Inspection Department of P.R.China) .

Aegean Spirit fruit manufacturers and processors have ISO:2200 Food Quality Management Certificates and most of them already have Turquality Certificate from Government. Aegean Spirit Trade Co. supply their products from accredited World’s Leader manufacturers.








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