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About Us

We are Aegean people which living Aegean region of Anatolia .Our Head Office at Bursa City which is called as Green Bursa in Aegean Culture because of her forests .

Our guest / summer house at Carria City which is the motherland of Ficus Carria (Fig Fruit). One of our team member is living in USA and married with USA ( Chinese ) citizen.And Aegean Spirit idea was born from her brain  .

Our main purpose to share  God’s Miraculus Fruits,Dried fruits ,Olive Oil  and  other delicious foods and uniq taste  of Aegean Territory with our  China Firends

To share   this uniq Aegean Taste / Flavours  of    we established Agean Spirit Inc   by Chinese and Turkish investors

Our Mission

Bringing our curated selection of natural and healthy Anatolian and Aegean products to people who value nutrition, nature and tradition. Reviving the bounties from the cradle of civilization, the “Fertile Crescent”.

Our Vision

To become a trusted and esteemed partner in the global trade community to bring quality natural products to the people in places around the world who value them.

Our Values

  1. Ethical
  2. Sustainable
  3. Transparent
  4. Honest
  5. Innovative
  6. Customer focused
  7. Data-driven
  8. Management System oriented

Our Integrated Management System Policy

We believe in the sustainability of our products and business go hand-in-hand. Both are based on honesty and the belief of continuous improvement using our lean management system. As the AEGEAN SPIRIT team, we strive;

  • To be customer-driven
  • To only carry products we believe in and are passionate about
  • To hold our products to the highest international standards of nutrition and safety
  • To always put our customers and suppliers first by addressing their needs and concerns
  • To uphold the highest ethical and legal standards
  • To always be concientious about our environment with our potential impact
  • To improve our Integrated Management Systems continuously

We announce the above clauses as part of our Integrated management system policy to our stakeholders and we pledge to base our operations on these clauses.