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  /  Dried Fruits


Aegean Apples have very different varieties and we are supplying our Dried Apples  from our Qualified suppliers which they are harvesting ,drying ,slicing and packing apples in bet hygeniz conditions to keep her delcious excotic taste & flavours with  minerals & vitamins

As Aegean Spirit Team we are  happy to  share our  this uniq taste with you .


Thousands years ago Apricot Health Benefits discovered and humankind starts  Apricot’s arboriculture . Central Asia people and ancient Phsicians use apricot  for healthy  nutrition  .

We are Aegean Spirit team our main philosophy to  share  our uniq  Apricot ( Prunus Armeniecia L)  types and flavours with you in dried form   and happy to  do this   .We are suppliying our Dried Fruits from the best suppliers which all of them certified with EU ,BRC,ISO,HELAL certificates


We are living in ancient Caria city of ancient Aegean ( Muğla/ Turkey ). Aegean Spirit  living house and “ Guest House “ at the   Caria City ( which Fig’s Latin names comes from Caria = Ficus Carica L. )

Aegean Spirit Inc supplying her Figs from Ancient Sources and from ancient suppliers .They are harvesting-cultivating and drying Fig ancient methods .

Aegean Spirit likes to   share this ancient taste and “ GOD’s First gift to Aadam and Eve with you

Sour Cherry

Motherland  of   Sour Cherry  is  North Anatolia Mountains which start from Istanbul to the Hazar Sea . Scientifically proven that first grown in Nort Anatolia Mountains and than step by step  bring to Roma and Europe . Because of that reason Latin Name given from the name of one  of the Oldest Bzyantinium City  “ Kerasun “ ( which today known as “ Giresun” in Turkish language ) names of Sour Cherry  comes from Turkish City Giresun  which is Prunus  Cerasus

 After one times  Sour Cherry tasted by European  they called this uniq “ sour taste” is Morello  Cherry  .Aegean Spirit team happy to share this  ENDEMIC “ Sour Taste “  with our world friends