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Thousands years ago Apricot Health Benefits discovered and humankind starts  Apricot’s arboriculture . Central Asia people and ancient Phsicians use apricot  for healthy  nutrition  .

From Central  Asia   Apricot ( Prunus Armeniecia L)  removed ( transferred ) by Traders and  travelers( voyagers)  during  trade  Caravans ( Camel  Train ) journey ( voyage ) over ancient    trade  road “ Silk Road  “  which starts from Xi’an  and pass from Central Asia

May be Travelers ( Voyagers )  bring this delicious fruit to eat and use for their daily diet  and consumed  apricot as dried because in ancient times “ Silkroad “ route from Xi’an / China  to Constantinopole( İstanbul ) / Europe takes very very long time such as months -years .

In any way ,Apricot comes to Anatolia  thousands year ago .Now Turkiye The worlds bigest Apricot manufcaturer and exporter  .

There are many types of apricot . And there are many “ Consuming “way ,such as Natural Dired,Industrilized Dired ,  Apricot Delight , Mixture of Apricot Paste with hazelnut,Anteppistachio .


Apricot ( Prunus Armeneica L. ) ;

Apricot (Prunus Armeneica L. ) is a family member of Genus Poterium . And has very beautiful fruits which have yellow to orange colours and good smeelling and which has one hard kernel inside .

At the begining because of her Latin name “ Prunus Armeneica L”.or”Armeniaca vulgaris Lam” Her motherland accepted as Armenia but after scientific and genetic analysis  and research shows that her growing range from Central Asia to West China. Nowadays we know that Prunus Armneica L. growing range between  Nort and NorthEast China area mountains   and Tianshan and Altai  and this very very large territorry is motherland of  Prunus Armeniaca L.

Apricot wellknown by China since B:C 3000 years ago ( I mean since 5000 years Chinese people know and use Apricot ) . After Great Alexandria ‘ Asia Expedetion ( B.C 330-323) . Apricot first move to Iran from Transkafkasia to Anatolia. After Roma Emperie occupation to Anatolia .Prunus Armeniaca L. move to Europe by Armenian traders .Italy Nad Greece start to arborciulture of apricot.But England & Spain learn Apricot in 13th Century and USA France learn and taste apricot at 17th century.

Apricot geographically grown almost every climate but Mediterenian ,Asia ,America area her best climate conditions .

According to world statistics . Turkey number one manufacturer of Fresh Apricot and number one processor of dried apricot in the world .

Apricot ( Prunus Armeneica L.);


Vitamin  A 4686 IU 94
Vitamin E( Alpho Tocopherol) 5,6 mg 28
Niacin 3,4 mg 17
Vitamin B6 0,2 mg 9
Pantothenic acid 0,7 mg 7
Riboflavin 0,1 mg 6
Vitamin K 4,0 mcg 5
Folate 13,0 mcg 3
Vitamin C 1,3 mg 2
Thiamine 0,0 mg 1
Choline 18,1 mg
Betaine 0,4 mg



Potassium 1511 43
Copper 0,4 22
Iron 3,5 19
Manganese 0,3 15
Magnesium 41,6 10
Phosphorus 92,3 9
Calcium 71,5 7
Zinc 0,5 3
Selenium 2,9 mcg 4
Sodium 13 1


Calorie Information

Calories Per 130 gr ( One Cup) %DV
 Calories 313 (1310 kj ) 16
From Carbohydrate 293( 1227 kj )
From Fat 5,6 ( 23,4 kj )
From Protein 14,8 (62.0 kj )


Per 130 gr ( One Cup) %DV
Dietery Fiber 9,5 gr 38
Total Carbohydrate 81,4 gr 27
Sugars 65 gr
Starch 0,5 gr


Fats & Fatty Acids  

Per 130 gr ( One Cup) %DV
Total Fat 0,7 gr 1
Monounsaturated Fats 0,1 gr
Polyunsaturated Fat 0,1 gr
Total-Omega-6 Fatty acids 96,2 mg

Proteins &Amino Acids   

Per 130 gr ( One Cup) %DV
Protein 4,4 gr 9



Thousands of years women know that apricot good to skin which they learn this fact just observing apricot growing farmers and apricot fruit collecting womens skin .And nowadays many many cosmetic firm already using this fact and many “ anti-aging” cosmetic formulation include “ apricot oils,apricot itself etc .


Apricot has a high enough dietery  fiber source which is water soluble fiber and very useful for human body . Fibers are not useful for diegestive purpose also together with other ions create synergic effect and as shown on many scientific bulletein effect to fight with cancer diease . And also water solubility of diegestive fruit fibers effective for digestion and this means we clean our body very easily and this is also help to our body


Basic analysis of  Nutritional facts of dried apricot shows  that  aproximately one cup ( 130 grms ) apricot have 1511 mg Potassium which is 43 % of Daily Necessity of adult . That means just by eating this flvaoured and colrful tasteful fruit you can solve potassium problems in your body and your body can do more easily Na / K pomp . And also helps the electrolyte equilibrium .


Iron content of dried apricot also interesting .If you consume 130 gr apricot regularly you can put your body’s IRON requirement’s % 19 percent . Just consuming %100 Natural Aegean Spirit’s dired apricot you can protect yourself from anemia or this kind of diseases


Copper content of dried apricot also  important .By consuming only one cup dried apricot you can put %22 od daily necessities of body .



As all of us knoalcium not nly enough also together with other alkali ion which is potassium there must be an equilibrium . And we know that apricot rich for potassium and also there is enough Calcium .



Vitamin A is a fat soluble eye and immune system protective vitamins and also helps other important systems in human body .Many researchers show that Vitamin A also protecting skin in the process . Together with Beta Carotene  also  helps to stop Neovascular ARMD which causes loss of vision over the years .



  Apricot have caretenoids and other antioxidizing agents which they are very effective for “ anti aging” also cancer disease and also prtect heart



Mechanism don’t known hand still researching by scientist but this is a fact that. A few drop of apricot oil is effecting to stop earaches

How Aprciots Dried



1-) NATURAL WAY ; Drying under the Sunlight ;

Apricot is wellknown healthy fruit and easily grown up in Anatolia since thousands year ago . Naturally first and ancient way of drying process is done by the sunlight .

The colours of apricot which dried under the sunlight is changed between light Brown to dark Brown .

This technic is %100 natural but must be very careful to decompsition of apricot .



2-) Industrilized way ;

100 years ago foreign trades mainly  occurs with   neighbor countries . Nowadays Global Trade is the main topic for world economy .

Result of this Global Trade also effect to apricot trade / export volume . Today Turkiye  number one producer / exporter of dried apricot 85% of dried apricot which is 61.476 Metric Tonnes   and it is impossible to drying by natural processing way .

To solve this problem as  fast and hygenic way  new methods developed  and  briefly speaking  apricot drying  industrilazied.

In this method  apricot dried under  SO2  gases. Colour of Sulphur dioxide dried apricot is light yellow to  orange . S02  is chemical gas and it has some special restrictions such as Eurpean Union acept 2000 ppm  and USA accept 2500 ppm  . THe colour of apricot change with S02   if we use to much SO2   colour will be more ligh.

 Arboriculture of Apricot ;

Apricot roots go do deep so that  she need deep water around 2-4 meter. Apricot like’s “hot summer” and  “cold  winter “ season at same time .

Her land must be sandy, timbre,houmusy( black eart ) ,calcerus ( limy ) lands .

Apricot has a special time before flower season and this flower season  called as “ cooling” and this her cooling time change with the type  of apricot

In world  aproximately there are 1750  apricot types but everycountry only 5-10 type can be growing because of  “ cooling time “ reason .

Mainly apricot growing for two reason Fresh consuming and Dry Consuming and  all types clasified and divided two . Fresh Apricots & Dry Apricots

Types of Apricots;

Dry Apricots

Anatolia dried apricot center is Malatya City in addition to Malatya,Erzincan ,Sivas also can manufacture and processing dried apricots .


Almost  %75 of Malatya   apricot tree  is  Hacıhaliloğlu type . Fruits are medium size around 23-25 grm,shape is oval symetric, colur of fruit skin is yellow&red . Fruit contain less water ,more sweety ,special aroma,pH 4,5-4,8 and water soluble substance amunt is %24-28. 2nd week of July fruits develop .

Kabaaşısı Apricot ;

This type discovered since 1970 during selection Works . After Hacıhaliloğlu her population number two Fruits medium size one fruit around 30-35 grm ,shape is oval at skin colour is yellow. Fruit ‘s are sweety .pH 3,8-4,6 and water soluble amount is 24-26 %.

Soğancı Apricot;

Fruits are 28-32 grms ,shape is globe and skin colour is yellow .Fruits are sweety  pH 4,5-4,7 Water soluble content is %23-26.

Çataloğlu  Apricot;

Fruits are 25-35 gr medium sized .shape is ovalized. Sweety,less water. Water soluble content%24-28


Çöloğlu   Apricot;

They are consumed both dried and table purpose .In many countries they are preferring to make jam


HASANBEY  Apricot            ;

Furits are large and 40-55 .Fruit flesh hard and sweety .Skin colour yellow.Water soluble subsantce amunt %18-22 and pH 4,9-5,1. End of June beging of July fruits grow

APRIKOZ Apricot;

Furits are 50-60 gr. Shape of fruits are eliptic .Skin colour is yellow . Mostly growing in Iğdır-Kağızman area .Fruits are sweety. Fruits are symetric


Furits are small size 25-30 gr each .Shape is ovalized . Fruit skin and flesh colur is yellow .Fruits very sweety,flesh hardness medium and fruits have distinct red cheeks .Kernels shape is spherical and sweet .

Alyanak  Apricot

Furits are 30-45 gr.Shape is oval fruit flesh colour is orange and have distinct red cheek Furits taste is sourish,   soft tissue ,  water soluble substance is % 12-14 . Kernel taste is bitter

Tokaloğlu Erzincan  Apricot;

Fruits are 40-55 gr and oval shaped . Furit flesh colour is yellow .Sweety ,soft tisue water soluble substance is %16-18. Kernel sweety. And cooling time 950-1229 hour .

Tokaloğlu Yalova  Apricot;

Fruits are 35-50 gr,flesh colour is yellow .Sweety,soft tissue,and water soluble substance amount is %15-18. Kernel is bitter 3rd week of June fruits became .

Tokaloğlu Konya-Ereğli Apricot

Fruits are 32-40 gr. Fruits seems like an heart . Semi weety and    hard tissue. Fruits fleshy are orange .Water soluble substance anount % 17-19

İribitirgen Apricot:

Fruits are 33-40 gr      Semi sweety and hard tissue Flesh colour is orange. Water soluble substance amunt is %18-21.Kernel is sweety

Karacabey Apricot

Fruits are 35-45 gr      .Shape of  fruits seems heart. Water soluble substance amount is %12-14.  Kernel taste is bitter.

Roxane  Apricot;

Fruits are 80-120 gr. Fruits are very large . Very beautiful red coloured . Flesh colur is orange . Kernel is sweet and large