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We are living in ancient Caria city of ancient Aegean ( Muğla/ Turkey ). Aegean Spirit living house and “ Guest House “ at the Caria City ( which Fig’s Latin names comes from Caria = Ficus Carica L. )
Aegean Spirit Inc supplying her Figs from Ancient Sources and from ancient suppliers .They are harvesting-cultivating and drying Fig ancient methods .

Aegean Spirit likes to share this ancient taste and “ GOD’s First gift to Aadam and Eve with you


At the very begining because of FIGs “ holly “ situation and accepted as “ symbol of “ fertilization , start to consume very early  days . And may be one of the ancient” İndustrilazied Fruit “

So that , arboriculture of FIG start ancient times . Because of FIGs arboriculture’s importance Turkish Republic open a FIG arboriculture Station 1938, at the Aydın City which is know as FIG City in Aegean Territory of Turkey .

In this FIG ARBORICULTURE & Breeding( İmprovement ) Station there is 273 different types FIG tree and all they are protecting by arboriculture and they are accepted as “ Genetic Heritage “ , in addition to this 273 different type “ female “ FIG tree also Turkiye have one of the worlds bigest ( and may be only one ) ,” Male “   in Aegean saying of Turkish Language “ ilek “ FIG  Tree  (Ficus carica caprificus) collection which numbered as “ 58 “ , in this FIG station 58 Male and 273 Female totally = 331 different “ special “ FIG tree protecting and groting as Genetic Heritage of HumanKind .

The most well know  “ Industrilazied “ FIG type is called in Turkish is “ SARILOP “ this type of FIG can be Dried and Preserved easily .

For fresh consumption of  FIG usually choose other types such as “ BURSA BLACK “  which is very very famous “ Fresh consumed type of FIG which planted very famous Turkish old city is BURSA .Other Fresh   “ Table Figs “ types are ;  “ Göklop” ,” Akça” , “ Bardakçı “ “ YeşilGüz” “ Morgüz” , “ Beyaz Orak “ “ Siyah Orak” .


FIG  ( Ficus Carica L. )

GOD ‘s first gift to ADAM & EVE

In all religions FIG indicate as an HOLLY Fruit since thousands of years . In all holly religions- diciplines and cultures verify that situation . May be some of us heard that Prince “ Buddha Gavsama Sakyamani “  see the light under FIG tree and after become “aint “spread out his beam from his famous “ semi closed “ timeless –endless eyes to us .

After Buddha , Prophet  Moses religion accept FIG as an HOLLY FRUIT and  eat their “ Passover “ FIG also Christian World Eat FIG their Pascalia , And also In Holly Quran ,FIG indicates as an “Holly” fruit .

Anyway , this holly fruits Mainland is Aegean Region / Territory which this fact showed by long term scientific and arceobotanic and arkeolgical workshops.

One of the oldest arceobotanic  finding  by Italian-Roma / La Spainza Universty and Turkish Universty collabration at one of the Aegean / Mediterian  City ,Mersin . Yumuktepe  Hill town shows that B.C 7000 years ago Aegean people start to eat and consume and growth FIG

Famous Offical History Writer and Father of History Science start to indicate by writing FIG is symbol of fertility at B. C 480



FIG is an subtropic fruit because of that reason she has very wide ecological adaptation  ability. But in Aegean Territory % 75 of Table ( Fresh ) consumed Fig and almost all dried industrialised Fig Tree growth at  “ Büyük and Küçük Menderes Havsası”  which is center of Aegean Territory.

The difference between FIG tree growth from other common trees is as discussed before ,to get FIG fruit we need  Male (Ficus Carica Caprificus)  and Female ( Ficus Carica L. ) trees SEPARETELY since inside of Male (Ficus Carica Caprificus) FIG Fruit there is an “ symbiotic insectiside which is called “ Mazı Böceği “ in Turkish  language (  Blastophaga Grossorum ) in Latin language . And this special uniqe insectiside make fertilization . And after that Female FIG fruits grown up .

Female FIG trees (Ficus Carica L. ) growth up her Fruits in a year three times which they callled “ Yellop “ , “ İyilop “ and “ Sarılop “  the most important one  for “ Dried Fig “ purpose is “ İyilop “ and all types of  those three Fig fruit and Bursa Black and all others need Male FIG (Ficus Carica Caprificus ) fertilization .

Just like Female FIG trees , Male FIG trees also growth up three times Male Fruits which they are called “ BOĞA “ (  Bull, Toro ) , “ İlek “  and “ Ebe “ fruits  and  inside or neighbour of FEMALE  FIG tree garden MALE FIG TREE don’t want ( reject ) .

And thats why Aegean people called this operation is “ İLEKLEME” means , the best FEMALE FIG fruit “ İyilop”  Fertilized with best MALE FIG which is “ ilek” so that this operation called as “ ILEKLEME “

For “ ilekleme “  operation cold -early morning   and silence surraunding preferred. To make “ ilekleme “ Male Fruits “ ilek” hangover to three by using  robe or using a kind of plant  ( Cyperacae ) . 40-42 days after “ ilekleme “  first “ iyilop “ growth up

Calimyrna type of FIGS : Becasue of FIG ‘s importance of their HOLLy religions and health benefit of human body  USA Missioneires ( 1880 ) biring “ FIG TREES “ to California and try to growth up FIG tree but after waiting 20 years they undertsant and acep their mistakes and after careful analyizng of Aegean Villagers FIG arboriculture method they discover MALE FIG fruit “ ilek “ and they learn “ ilekleme” method . After that day because of “ respect “ to Aegean Villagers they use both name together  “ Cali “ from California and “ myrna “  comes from Smyrna which is ancient Greek City .



In each one cup ( 149 gr ) Daily Dietery Consume Value( DV )

Vitamin A 14.9 IU   0
Vitamin C 18 mg 3
Vitamin E( Alpha Tocophenol ) 0.5 mg 3
Vitamin K 23.2 mcg 29
Thiamin 0.1 mg 8
Riboflavin 0.1 mg 7
Niacin 0.9 mg 5
Vitamin B6 0.2 mg 8
Folate 13.4 mcg 3
Vitamin B12 0 0
Pantothenic Acid 0.6 mg 6
Choline 23.5
Betaine 1 mg




In each  ( 100 gr ) , DV: Daily Dietery Consume Value( DV )

PROTEIN 0.7 gr 1



Cholesterol 0.0 0
Phytosterols 31 mg



Faty Acids Amount % DV
Total Fat 0.3 gr 0%
Saturated Fat 0.1 gr 0%
Monounsatured Fat 0.1 gr
Polyunsaturated Fat 0.1 gr
Trans- Fatty Acids
Total OMEGA-3 Fatty Acids
Total OMEGA-6 Fatty Acids 144 mg



Carbohydrates Amount % DV
Total Carbohydrate 19.2 gr 6
Dietery Fiber 2.9 gr 12
Starch 0.0
Sugars 16.3 gr




Calories Amount % DV
Caloires 74.0 ( 310 kj ) 4
From Carbohydrate 69.9( 289 kj)
From Fat 2.5( 10.5 kj)
From Proteın 2.5 ( 10.5kj
From Alcol 0


According to our today’s  knowledge we saw that one of the God’s gift to Aegean Territory which is Figs have incrediable and amazing benefits which define exactly by GOD herself to humankind , we saw this fact just by careful analyzing Nutritional Facts of Figs

If we analyze carefully and summarize Figs Nutrition Facts on a table we saw that ;

100 gr Dried Fig  May Contain

Amount % DV
Calorie 74 Kj 4
Carbohydrate 19 gr
Protein 0.7 gr
Fat 0.3 g
Dietery Fiber 3 gr 12
Vitamin A 142 IU 3
Vitamin C 18 mg 3
Vitamin E( Alpha Tocophenol ) 0.5 mg 3
Vitamin K 4.7 mcg 6
Vitamin B6 0.1 mg 6
Pantothenic Acid 0.6 mg 6
Thiamine 0.1 mg 4
Potassium 232 mg 7
Magnesium 17 mg 4
Calcium 35 mg 4
Manganese 0.1 mg 6
Iron 0.4 mg 2
Phosphorous 14 mg 1
Zinc 0.2 mg 1
Copper 0.1 mg 4
Selenium 0.2 mcg 0
Total OMEGA-6 fatty acids 144 mg


When we analyze above table carefully we find  below facts which refer to today’s science ;

Calcium :  As all of us know very well the “ bone loss “ ( oesteoporosis )  diease ( illness)  incerasing dramatically especially in modern cultures and after  internet revaluation bilion of people stay at home or Office  and don’t move outside and dont take enough “ sunshine “ and this may increase the explosion ( outbreak ) in oesteoporosis diease statistics and also if your age between -45-65  may be your doctor try to solve this problems with Calcium tablets . And many Calcium tablets user don’t use drug becasue of their taste,etc,tec

But just using almost 5 piece of Medium Size Figs enough for  an adults daily consumtion necesities and this is best SWEET way to solve this problem with NATURAL WAY .


Modern Life gives us fast food culture and after that type of feeding of human body  results dramatic ,Diabet ,Obezite ,Cancer ,all those disease booming . In addition to that Fast Food Culture Mobile “ clever” phones takes our “ free time “ and result of that “ Faster and Faster Feeding Culture come to our life . Result will be more dramatic for humankind .

One of the Result od Faster Feeding Culture is feding with “ lack of fiber “ . I mean one of the “ lack of fiber “ Foods  may be results of  Geneticaly Modified Organisims( GMO ) which may be Industry dont like “ fiber “ because of “ Food Processing not easy if there is so much fiber “ or Industirilazed Fast Food Groups dont like “ fibers in food “nad taking with physical sepration methods ,anyway . There is no enough “ fiber “ in our life .

Which “ Fiber” s are very important for human feeding and human body . Because of many reason . And now good news  100 gr Dried Fig give aproximately ( %12 DV ) fiber by itself and everyday regulary consume this amount or more this will be heplful for our body

And more, when we go to Supermarkets and try to meet daily fiber requirement with other ways which you know “ no taste “ even may be seems like “ wood shawings” “ products “ we have to buy and –TRY TO EAT- , and Aegan Figs change this fact very SWEET-TASTY way just buy consuming regulary ( as much as possible ) dreid figs .


One of the important ions / element is potassium for human life . Medical science teach us there is an equlibrium on our body cells which called “ Na-K “ ( Sodium –Potassium ) equilibrium and  result of this equilibrium explain by very fantastic mechanism . According to Medical Scientific explanations; Na + and K+  ions penetrating and come out from “ human body” cells by just like “ ion “ Exchange “ membrane Technologies. Result : power generation . I mean every cell in our body use this “ life energy “to alive . Even know I am typing computer and if my Na + and K+ egulibrium changes and Na + ions ratio increase ,result first of Hypertension problem which as may be we know that if someone have hypertension problem this human also need energy problem nad they are easily “ tired “even they do small activities .

One of the modern life’s gift to us more Na + from many sources but mostly from “ salt “ which this salt also manufacturing by Human Industry and this is salt is artifical salt dnagerous for human body because human body dont accept this “ cubic “ crystal salt . and Fast Food culture result is using “ more salt “to make –tasty with easieast and fastest way and also salt ( NaCl –Sodium Chloride) using to make “ cheese “ and to make food preservtaion

Result tooo much sodium from many sources and our health go bad . So that one of the important way to solve this problem is take less Na + and try to consume more K+ by this way we will help to our body and one of the important source of K+   is Aegean Spirit Figs and by l consuming Aegean Spirit Figs  we will  recover  this problems by with SWEETY-TASTY and NATURAL way


Such as FIG tree and fruit growth is a kind of art also after FIG fruit’s maturation , Drying and processing of FIG is a kind of art.After maturation of FIG .Fruits leave on the three until they loss their moisture  to the %30- 50.  When FIG fruits moisture decrease and come to around %30-50   her stem( stalk)  don’t bring FIG fruit and she fall ( drop ) down to the ground ,

Everyday farmers by hand collect this  FIG fruit which have %35  moisture  and they put on the  special “ drying “ tables  until their moisture  comes to %20-22 . Of course during this table driying operation ,everynight table covered by shelter because of morning wet and protect insiticed and other harmful bacterias.

Everymorning early times experienced farmers “ check” the misture level and  “one by one “ they are collecting naturally sun dried FIGs . And storage in plastic box and send it to the fıg processing factories for washing,fumugation,again washing and each step “ aflatoxin “levels controlled by experts . Of course this kind of FIG Fruit drying and processing way only can do by careful manufacturers which Aegean Spirit company only worked with that type of best qualitated and  accepted manufacturers. Which TARIS number one in world .

Why some Figs  “ more “  white and others brooken white( off-white);

1-) Naturally the reason of “brooken white”  :  

As  explained above “ FIG “ is a very special fruit and also  drying process special and  FIG fruit must wait on tre until lost of big amount her  moisture . During this “ natural “ drying  sme FIG  fruits take “ brooken white  “ sometimes “ light Brown “etc which is not white . The reason comes from mainly the type of FIG in Turkiye we called BALLI KARA type FIG which BAL means Honey and KARA is black . That means HONEYED ( Honeybun) Black type of FIG when dried colour seems like “ black” or  “ brooken white “  . but this means that this is natural . But some “ global buyers/markets”  dont want this type of fig .

2-) The reason of “pure  white” dried FIG  :

   As FIG’s natural colour is yellowish white ,greenish white and when dried colurs of dried of FIG will be white or yellowish white .BUT NOT pure white  to make pure white dried FIG some chemical treatment must apply  .Such as Hydrogen peroxide. Application /use of Hydrogen peroxide restricted by govermenyt and illegal  .