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From Aegean Cost to the World.
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Aegean Spirit supplying her Wine from Lucian Arkas WINES. Wine is reflection of spirit of Aegea. According to archaeologist Wine develop firstly  by Hitties at Central Anatolia at 3000 B.C. approximately 7000 years ago.

LA WINES established by Lucien ARKAS  which one of the Modern Logistic Empires of nowadays  Sea Logistics on  Earth (http://www.arkasline.com.tr/en/home_page.html ). He make LA WINE investment to carry out Aegean Flavours /Tastes just like Aegean Spirit INC with same Philosophy . Mr Lucien Arkas invested very big vineyard which Anatolia’s Monoblock Vineyard at neighbour  to the ancient city Metropolis (http://metropolis.web.tr/ )

Web:  http://www.lawines.com.tr/  & http://www.arkasline.com.tr/en/home_page.html