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Black Olive

Riveria Type Olive Oil means that Olive Oil which produced by JUST Mixing two different type of Olive Oil which they are Natural Extra Virgin Olive Oil ( %15 ) and Refined Olive Oil ( %85) . If you need more information please push “Request More İnfo “buttons on the right .

Green Olive

Green Olive

Natural Extra Olive Oil means that Olive Oil which produced by “ COLD PRESS” method which in this method  just mechanical and physical process applying  such as Washing,Cracking , Crashing in between two Cylindrical Granit in room temperature .If you need more information please push “Request More İnfo buttons” on the right .

Olive Paste

Natural Extra Olive Oil means that Olive Oil which produced by “ COLD PRESS” method which in this method just mechanical and physical process applying such as Washing,Cracking , Crashing in between two Cylindrical Granit in room temperature .If you need more information please push “Request More İnfo buttons” on the right .

Olive ( Oleo Europe S.) ;

Olive in one of the GOD ‘s miraculus fruit to mankind .And all religions and holy boks talked about Olive ( Oleo Europe S.) . Humaninty discovered Olive’s health benefits thousands year ago and start to cultivation and arbriculture 6000 B:C .

Homeland is Olive is Anatolia  such like Fig . Also Olive’s tree homeland is Anatolia –Aegean Territory ,Mediteriean Territory and SouthEast Anatolia lands full with Olive three .

There are aproximately more than 170 Million Olive Tree in Anatolia .

Turkey Number One producer of Table Olive and 4th bigest Olive Oil Exporter in world

There are more than 118 type Olive ( Oleo Europe S) which  89 of Domestic 28  of Foreign type Olive  .

The main difference of Turkish Olive from other Country Olive is not only  “ Homeland “ or “ Gene Pool” of Olive ( Oleo Europe S.) is Anatolia . Also Because Anatolia is not effected  from Last İce Age ( Last Pleistone Epoch) . Result of this in Anatolia 12.000 Plant’s 4000 is Endemic ( Only can grow up in Anatolia ) .And result of this many fruit types “ Genetically “ “ Uniq “ and their taste is also Uniq

The last and very important reason Why Turkish Olive and Olive Oil is preferrred by the world consumer is Natural Tree growing and Natural ( Organic ) Olive Oil . The reason is simple . Anatolia especially OLive Tree Growing areas is “ Hill “ and Small Mountains and Olive tree is groving herself which explained before by special seeding method ( by Black Chicken – Turdus Medula ) Because of that reason Land Owners-villagers-Olive tree Garden owner can not use İnsecticide –Olive grow up herself naturally .Because Climbing is diffcult all the times .


As Aegean Spirit grup our aim tos hare this Natural , Uniq  Delicious tastes with our all world friend

Olive (Oleo Europe L. ) ;

Olive is an “ Family “ member of “ OLEAEEA “ just like  “ Lilac “ and “ Jasmine “ flowers which also they are  member same family  . Olea is a “ wild fruit “tree which have 30 variety ( species )  and Olea Europe is one of the most important “ subgenre of this 30 Olea variety and motherland of Olea Europe is a West Mediterrian Territory . And Oleo Europe has two “ subgenre” which they are Oleo Europe Sativa ( Domestic ) and Oleo Europe  Oleester ( wild )

Motherland of Olive is accepted as West Mediterenean ,and South Anatolia and arceobotanical  an arceological studies shows and proofing this fact .

Today ‘s knowledge shows that first Wild Olive ( Oleo Europe Olester ) fossils which is in a form of  “ Stone olive leaf and Stone olive seed “ found  B:C 37.000 at Santaroni Island / Greece .But well known other  fact that only %10 of Anatolia Arceological and arcebotanical arceobotanic Hills just anaylzed and %90 of Anatolia and Aegean Arceobotanic study waiting for researchers and scientists .

And first arboriculture of  Olive ( Oleo Europe L )  done by  “SAMI” civilization at “Adana,Mersin,MardinHatay” by grafting methods since B.C 6000

Olive ( Oleo Europe Sativa ) processing since B.C 6000 and used by human

Domestic Oleo Europe Sativa  start to give fruits after 8-10 years old and this will going on until 100 years old . Nowadays the “ OLDEST –FRUIT- GIVEN THREE “  is living in  Aegean Territory of Anatolia  ( Manisa City ) and 1652 years OLD .

In Turkey there are many” 2000 years old Oleo Europe “Three which they are “ Monumentary Tree “ categories and protecting by Turkish Goverment

Motherland of Olive is accepted as West Mediterenean ,and South Anatolia and arceobotanical  an arceological studies shows and proofing this fact .

Today ‘s knowledge shows that first Wild Olive ( Oleo Europe Olester ) fossils which is in a form of  “ Stone olive leaf and Stone olive seed “ found  B:C 37.000 at Santaroni Island / Greece .But well known other  fact that only %10 of Anatolia Arceological and arcebotanical arceobotanic Hills just anaylzed and %90 of Anatolia and Aegean Arceobotanic study waiting for researchers and scientists .

And first arboriculture of  Olive ( Oleo Europe L )  done by  “SAMI” civilization at “Adana,Mersin,Mardin,Hatay” by grafting methods since B.C 6000


Olive ( Oleo Europe Sativa ) processing since B.C 6000 and used by human

According to World Olive Council’s statistical data , Turkiye number one manufacturer of “ Table Olive “ and number 4th Olive Oil manufacturer



Minerals  of Olive Fruit ;

Elements / İons / Minerals ( mg / 100 gr )
Na ( Sodium ) 3,2
K (Potassium 457,19
Ca ( Calcium ) 33,15
Mg (Magnesium ) 12,49
Mn (Mangan) 0,13
Fe ( Ferrium-Iron) 1,73
Zn (Zinc) 0,71
Cu ( Cupper ) 0,01
P ( Phosphorus) 51,13


Vitamins mg / 100 grs
Karoten 0,15 – 0,2
Vit C 12,9 – 19,1
Thiamin (mikrogram/100 gr) 0.54-1,1



Water %51,9
Total Ash %48,1
Total Fruktoz %2
Total Oil %25,4
Total Protein %1.5

Olive ( Oleo Europe S.)

In Many Cultures especially Mediterenian and Aegean Cultures belives Olive gives immortality ( eternity ) to everyone . They believe  this fact after important  “ observations “ .

One day if you visit Anatolia –Aegean Territory or Mediterrenian territory and if you look for carefully Olive tree emay be you will observe this fact with your own eyes. Olive tree can live lack of water and in sometimes on the rock  without earth land . Yes this is true and when you come and visit us we will show you just by walking on hte Natural Olive forests .

And now in Anatolia there is” a fruiti giving oldest olive tree which 1652 years aged” . And there are many many Thousand year age Olive tree in Anatolia .

This observations made by ancient physicians and they start to consume as “ Healthy Fruit “ thousands years . And may be after eating this fruit the father of Medical Doctor “ Hipoccrates speaks   his one of the famous saying “ Let  food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food “ “Panem Tuum et Medicine ,Medicina Sit Tuos

Below we will summarize by using one sentence Olive miracoulus Health Benefits ;

  • Olives eliminate excess cholestreol  in the blood & control blood pressure.
  • Olives are a great source of Vitamin E and other antioxidant because of that reason olives act as an antioxidant this ability useful for protecting cells and result of that antiaging occurs and also stop Cancer mechanisms
  • Olives help prevent blood clots that could lead to a myocardial infarction or deep vein thrombosis (DVT)
  • Olives play an important role in maintaining a healthy immune system, especially during oxidative stress and chronic viral diseases
  • Olives provide essential vitamins and amino acids. And also contain oleic acid, which has beneficial properties to protect the   heart
  • Olives contain polyphenols, a natural chemical that reduce oxidative stress in the brain. So by eating a daily serving of olives helps improve your memory
  • By eating just 10-20 olives before a meal, you can reduce your This is because the monounsaturated fatty acids contained in olives slow down the digestion process and stimulate the hormone cholecystokinin, a hormone that sends messages of fullness to the brain.
  • Not only does it do that, but it also helps your body to stimulate the production of adiponectin, a chemical that burns fat for up to five hours after ingestion
  • . Olives are a great protection against anaemia  also enhances fertility and reproductive system

Table Olive Production :

Anatolian Civilazitions start Olive arboriculture thousands year ago and also they start to use Olive as a Table Olive and from this fruit they learned Olive Oil production. Because this long growth and processing history nowadays Anatolia is Number one “ Table Olive “ processor in the world .

And almost for each type of Olive  Anatolia people develop different processing type and we are mainly focused a few of them .

In Anatolia   30 % of Olive used as Table Olive and 70% of Olive production is used as Olive Oil manufacturing . And 80% of Table Olive consumed as “ Black Olive “ and 20 % of Table Olive is consumed as Green Olive .

Black Table Olive Production Method ;

  • Harvesting and transportation of Olive


Harvesting time and conditions are very important such like all fruits .Here for Olive fruit ,harvesting start when colour of fruits turn to BLACK and  Fruit Flesh colour turn to “Purple “ ( Violet) . If we pass and wait Olive harvesting the resulted “ pickled “olive very soft and unusable and if we make harvesting early at that time our Olive will not be Black


Harvesting of Olive is not doing in one times .When Olive furit colour comes to correct colour ( this is different for each type ) harvesting done and it takes step by step . Transportation of Olive from Garden to warehuse must be in 20-25 kgs plastic or wooden boxes( case )

  • Sizing and Selecting ( Sorting) ;

Main purpose of selecting choosing bad fruits,sick fruits etc . Purpose of sizing small sizes goes to olive oil factory

  • Washing ;

Before fermantation step Oive fruits cleaning by washing and all dirty take over from fruits

  • Brine ( Pickling ) and fermentation :


To flavouring of different type of Olive different type of flavouring methods developed here we will talk about a few od them ;



  1. Gemlik Method ;


This method developed especially for Gemlik Type of Table Olive Flavouring .Gemlik TYpe of Olive one of the best Table Olive type in Anatolia because of this type of Olive’s charecteristics such as very tin furit skin and Kernel / Fruit flesh ratio ,etc etc .


Basicly Gemlik type of flavouring occurs in Flavouring Tanks which they can be any kind of material ,Plastic ,Steel,Cement,etc. But main basic condition of this fermentation .Tank height Must be around 2 meter and inserted ( placed in ) olive height smaller or equal to the 1,8 meter .


After filling Falvouring tank with Olive 10 % Bome ( 10 % Salty water ) added to tank and water must cover the surface of Olive .


After adding 10% Bome Water .Salt pass from salty water ( Bome ) to the Olive and day by day Bome level controlled by measuring Bome aereometer  and when Bome Decrease 5-6%  Salt added until 10% Bome and this level keeped .


Fermentation Starts 1-2 days after . And to get good fermentation 1-2 % former fermenattion water or very smal amount sour yogurt added .


During fermetation operation Olive fruit sugars transforms(turns) to Lactic acid and this Lactic acid preserve Olive Fruit from decomposition for good fermentation result Lactic Acid level must be around %0,9


The best fermentation temperature is 20 0C  that means “ room temperature “ BUT in Anatolia harvesting time is winter time so that Fermentation takes 5-6 month. After that Olive is ready to consume .


  1. Salt Layered ( Plate ) Method ;


In this method one layer salt one layer olive collected in the fermentation tank Salt ratio 1/10 of Olive weight .After Salt  layering .Tank Lids( cover) closed and  heaviness ( weightness ) added at the Lids ( 1/10 weight of Olive )


In dry salt Olive wsait one week for fermentation . After that if you want you can remove bitter water ( of olive ) from bottom or add fresh water .


But in this method Bome ratio around 13-18 and this method more salty than Gemlik type .But result Table Olives is one of the most consumed one .

6 moth-12 month after Olive are ready as Table Olive consumption .



  1. SELE ( Saddle ) METHOD


Name of this method comes from old times Packing and transportation boxes which made from a  saddle ( to bring grapes from garden to bazaar ) .


In this method ,Olive harvested from Olive tree when colours comes to Dark Black . After collecting and harvesting Olive from tree,washing,selecting and sizing


And Saddle or wooden boxes uses as a fermentation tank .lives filling in those saddle or wooden boxes and salt added ( large salt crystals) by layering method ( one layer salt one layer olive ) .


Every few days ,box ( sadlle ) revers side  salt diffusion accelerated

With that method .After 3-4 week later .Olive loose Bitter water ( Bitter water of olive remove from Olive fruit ) and Olive became Table Olive level


  1. Oxygen Method


In this method air pomped on the Olive  tank and by excess oxygen some microorganism level increase and they are effecting the decreasing of acidity level of Olive and Olive became Table Olive standart .


  1. Tin Method ;

In this method 10 kgs Tin packing used. Olive filled in Tin ambalage by salt layering method and after that Tin Lid Closed  by brazing . Every 1-2 days Tin Box reverse side and with that way Bitter Water of Olive removed from Olive .Result is table olive


  1. KALAMATA Type OLive ;

This method apply special type of Olive which we call this type of Olive Kalamata and this is preparation of Kalamata olive as Table Kalamata Olive


To get fast result Olive filled in 2-3% salty water and everyday water changed with fresh salty water  . Bitter water removed from Kalamata Olive in one-four week depends on water circulation . After remove bitter water of Olive . Kalamata Olive leave one-two days in Vinegar or to protect vinegar acidity lost .Leave in the Salty (8-10%) vinegared water .


Kalamata Type Olive usually packing lacquared Tin ambalage .


  1. Strached Olive ;


In this method Olive surfaces Strached by knife or by machines . And than Olive filled water tank and water circulated everyday after 15-30 days later. Bitter water of Olive removed from Olive . And than Olive filled in 8% salty water until 10 days . After that step Olives filled in %1 Citric acid,olive oil and other aromatizing materials ( depend on amrkets taste-such as garlic ) and Than Strached Olive became Table Olive and packed  and after waitin 10 more days Strached ready for  marketing  .

ARBORICULTURE of  OLIVE ( Oleo Europe S.) ;


Turdus Medula ( Black Chicken ) ;

Olive kernels  have very strong  wooden ” shells ( husk )  and it is impossible for the Olive kernels to broke and germinate  ( set ) as a seedling seed of Olive . At that point ,nature  solve her problem in miraculus way . A special bird which likes to eat olive by swalloving . This is called in Turkish language  “ kara tavuk” –Black Chicken ( Turdus Medula ) . Black Chicken likes to much to eat-swallov Olive and than she can not be digestive to Olive Kernel. BUT Olive kernel’s ( seeds ) wear out ( wear ) by Black chickens stomach ( Turdus Medula ) acids and small Stone  make abbrasive effect on Olive Kernel and Olive kernels broken and germinate to seedling seed to make new Olive tree.

Because of this special birds special ability , Aegan Territory,Mediteranean Territory of Anatolia Hills  full with Natural ( %100 organic ) Olive Gardens and Aegean Spirit aim to bring this %100 Natural Olive and Olive Oil to your table in your kichen

Arboriculture of Olive ;

Olive tree growth by human since thousand years . In Turkey there are aproximately 110  Million Olive tree.   Nowadays to grow  olive tree ,mineral rich  and pH 6-8  land  type is    preferred.

Olive tree can be grown  is between 40 0C to ( -70 C)  but best agricultural conditions for more and good fruit is 15 0C to 25 0C . Annual water necessities of Olive is 650-800 mm .

Olive tree likes “ sunlight” very much so that South side of the hills preferred . And 800 meter high hills not preferred .


Olive Tree Grove ;

Cultivation techniques of   Olive Tree Grove  basicly depends on moisture content of land  and  land structure ( slope-inclination ) . These two parameters are very important for  chosing of Olive Tree Grove ( Olive tree Garden ) . According to moisture level land processing  90-100 cm and also drenage treated .Slope of land effect the cultivatin technic of Olive Tree Garden  and sometimes terrace set constructed .

Nowadays , in 37 Olive Cultivating country there is 1200 diferent type of Olive ( together with synonym ‘s around 3000  type olive ) . In Turkey  Aegean Territory at Kemalpaşa/ İzmir There is “ OLIVE GENETİC bank “ and in this bank there are  “ 90 “ Native Olive Tree “ 28 Foreign “ Olive Tree “ Genetically protected .

As Aegean Spirit we try to explained that Olive such as FIG one of the GOD’s gift to the human and result of this thousands of years ago they start to grown and produced domestically by human especially Aegean Territory and Mediteriean territory people and now arborciulture of Olive becames  “ State of Art “ and every details and all types defined and almost everyyear new crossbred ( hybrid ) types of olive and this is going on.

Below we will try to give idea about Anatolia  Olive Types

Definition Parameters   OLIVE type’s ;

  • According to Morfology ;

To define Morfolgy we are using , Specificitaion of Olive Tree, Specification of Olive Leaf, Specifications of flower inflorescence , Specification of Olive / fruit , Specification of Olive fruit kernel ( types of kernel )

  • Colour of Olive Fruit
  • Accordig to olive oil percentage
  • According to OLive tree productivity
  • Alternate bearing ( periyodisite )
  • Flowers fertilitiy period
  • Fertility position ( herself-or not)
  • Ripening period
  • Disease Resistance
  • Salty ,Cold and lake of water resistance

Aegean Territory Olive types :

AYVALIK  type ; This is one of the important Olive  types , origin of this type is Edremit city at Aegean / Marmara territory %25 of Olive tree at that territory covered with that type Olive

MEMECİK  type ;

MEMECİK is most important type fof Aegean Territory and Origin of Memecik type olive is Muğla  . Alternate bearing is strong . High Growing crops . Oil content is HIGH . Cold resistant,Dry season resistant

DOMAT Olive ;

Origin  of this type of Olive is Manisa / Akhisar city which at the Aegean Territory . Fruits are jumbo and cylindirical . Crops high and regular . Olive oil content middle . Usually Green fleshy olive

USLU type Olive  ; 

Orginated as Manisa / Akhisar which is one of the Aegean city . Crop level is normal.  Olie oil content middle level . Mainly used as Black Table Olive

ERKENCE olive  ;

Originated as Izmir ( Smyrna ) Cit of Aegean Territory . Crop level is medium . Strong periodisite .  Used as Table and Olive oil purpose both way is okey .  Foça,Çeşme ,Urla,Karaburun,towns of  Izmir City effected from very special fungus which is called as “ phome Olea “  and this olive can be eaten without any processing and so called “ date olive “

ÇEKİŞTE ( Synonym name Kırma) Olives;

Originated as Izmir ( Smyrna ) City / Ödemiş town . Furits coarse-granied ( huge ) and fruit type is oval . Olive oil content is HIGH . Used as GREEN Table olive for kitchen and also for olive oil purposes.

ÇİLLİ ( Synonym Tekir,Provens,Goloz);

Originated Izmir ( Smyrna ) City / Kemalpaşa town . Fruits are huge . Olive oil content is medium . Preferred as Green Table

MEMELİ ( Ak Zeytin,Emiralem ) ;

Originated  as  Izmir ( Smyrna ) City / Menemen town . Furits huge and oval . Top of the fruit there is breast ( tit ) . Olive oil content medium level but very qualitated .


Originated  as  Izmir ( Smyrna ) City / Ödemiş town . Fruits are very huge because of that reason mainly consumed as a kitchen table olive .

TAVŞAN YÜREĞİ ( Ters Yaprak )  ;

Originated  as  Muğla ( Caria ) City / Fethiye Town . Fruit fleshy / kernel ratio is high . Oval shape seems like heart .Olive oil content is medium level. Consumed as Black and Green Table Olive


GEMLIK ( Kıvırcık,Kara,Trilye,Kaplık )

Orginated as Bursa / Gemlik . Fruits are medium sized and cylindirik type olives. Regularly gives crops. Oil amoun is high . Fleshy furit / kernel ratio is high . High cold resistance .  Consumed as Black table kitcheose n olive and also olive oil purpose


Orginated as Bursa / İznik :   Fruits are huge and cylindirical. Yiel MEDİUM LEVEL. Eak Cold resistance . Olive oil content is medium. Consumed as GREEN TABLE OLIVE .

EDİNCİK SU ( Erdek Su,Edincik SU,Su Zeytini )

Orginated as Balıkesir  City / Edincik town .Furits are huge and  spherical .  Yield is medium level . Fruits have hihg water content . Olive oil content very low .Consumed as Black  Table Olive


Orginated as Kocaeli City / Karamürsel . Fruits are very huge Fruit type is oval .Yield is medium level . Fruit soft .Climate is important fort his type of olive and low temperatures bad effective . Consumed as table olive


Orginated as Kocaeli City / Karamürsel , FRuits are medium and spherical . Temperature sensetive and low temperatures bad effected to yield . Consumed  as GREEN TABLE olive


BÜYÜK TOPAK ULAK ( Topak Aşı ) ;

Originated as Mersin City / Tarsus town. Cold Temperature and dry weather not effected . Fleshy fruit/ kernel ratio is high . Consumed as GREEN TABLE olive .

HALHALI :                                             

Originated as Hatay  City ( border Mediterenian Sea)  . Fruits  are small and spherical ( globe-aspehric) . Olive oil content is very high . Consumed as both Olive oil and table olive


Originated as Mersin City / Tarsus town  . Fruits are medium sized . Shape of olive is cylindirical . Top of olives are ball and without tit(  no breast ) . Yield level is medium.  Dry season bad effected to yield . and Cold weather also . Consumed as BOTH Black and GREEN Table Olives


Originated as Hatay  City ( border Mediterenian Sea)  / Altınözü Town . Fruits are small and cylindrical . Bad effecetd from low temperature . Cold sensetive . Olive oil content is very high . Consumed as both olive oil and table olive purposes



Originated as KİLİS  City. Fruits large and small and many ball type . Strong periyodisite olive type . Consumed as OLive oil


Originated as GAZİANTEP City / NİZİP town . Spherical shaped and fruits are large and small . Yield is medium level . Mainly consumed as Olive oil purposes


Originated as GAZİANTEP City / NİZİP town. Fruits are ovalized shaped and they are small .Cold sensetive . Olive oil conetnt medium level and consumed as bothn BLACK and GREEN olive


Originated as Mardin city / Derik town ; Show Strong periyodiste charecteristic . Yield medium level .OLive oil content is medium . Consumed as both table olive and olive oil



Originated as Artvin City . Consumed as both olive oil content and table olive purposes .


Originated as Trabzon City  . Consumed as table olive


Originated as ARTVİN  City   .Consumed as both olive oil and table olive