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From Aegean Cost to the World.
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Olive ( Oleo Europea S );

Aegean Spirit supplying her Olive & Olive oil from the World’s Bigest Table Olive Manufacturer which named  Marmarabirlik ( www.marmarabirlik.com.tr )

Marmarabirlik is a Goverment Controlled   Agricultural Sales Cooperative  establish by “Olive “ Manufacturers and Processors”.Marmarabirlik is the World’s bigest olive associatons.which have 32.235 registered Olive Cultivators members

For more information Please check www.marmarabirlik.com.tr

Fig ( Ficus Caria ) ;

Aegean Spirit supplying her Dried Fig from Aegean Region from TARİŞ (http://www.tarisincir.com/EN ) . TARİŞ World’s Bigest Fig Cultivating and Processing Association which established as Agricultural Sales Cooperative which under control of  Goverment.


For  More Information pls check http://www.tarisincir.com/EN


Aegean Spirit supplying her Wine from LA WINES (http://www.lawines.com.tr/ )  . Wine is reflection of spirit of Aegea . According to archeologist Wine develop firstly  by Hitties at Central Anatolia at 3000 B.C  ) Aproximately 7000 years ago

LA WINES established by Lucien ARKAS  which one of the Modern Logistic Empires of nowaday  Sea Logisctics on  Earth (  . http://www.arkasline.com.tr/en/home_page.html )He make LA WINE investment to carry out Aegean Flavours /Tastesn just like Agean Spirit INC with same Philosphy . Mr Lucien Arkas invested very big vineyard which Anatolia’s Monoblock Vineyard at neıghbour  to the ancient city Metropolis (http://metropolis.web.tr/ )

For  more info please visit  ( http://www.lawines.com.tr/ )  & http://www.arkasline.com.tr/en/home_page.html

Packed Nuts & Dried Fruits

Aegean Spirit supplying Antep Pistachio ( Pistachia Vera ) from one of the Turkey’s bigest packed snack ( nuts ) manufacturer PEYMAN  ( http://www.peyman.com.tr/bahceden/  ) PEYMAN is the first company which Export Antep Pistahio ( Pistachia Vera ) to China at 2014 .PEYMAN bought by BRIDGEPOINT  (  http://www.bridgepoint.eu/en/investment-portfolio/peyman/ ) at 2016


For more info pls visit http://www.peyman.com.tr/en/